About Us

faviconAbout us is really a story about the symbolism of the ladder we use in our logo. It’s bigger than wine, for us it relates to life itself.

We're sure that you’re familiar with the phrase, climbing the ladder of success or climbing the corporate ladder. In fact, many of you are currently climbing the ladder in your career or in your personal life and perhaps even feel that you’ve reached the top. We all have dreams and think that by reaching that top rung we’ll have it all, but it’s the climb that keeps life exciting. Continuing to explore and to learn new things enriches our daily lives. The ladder is a measure of success for many people and, by most standards, we were there.

We are successful by having started independent distributorships for a new company entering a highly competitive industry. After just a few years, we felt that we had reached the top and had it all, both financially and with a balance to our life. We had passion for what we were doing following our dream. Quality was what put us ahead of our competitors and we told our quality story over and over. In fact, it was our commitment to being the best, being honest, not compromising, and every day doing everything right. We had a mission and never deviated from it. It was through this concerted effort and dedication throughout the company that we quickly became #1 in the industry.

In the corporate quest to become the world leader, the parent company made us a very attractive offers to acquire our distributorships and join them on the corporate ladder. After much deliberation, we did, and like so many of you now in your own endeavors, we saw this as a new adventure and a challenge that would be fun and exciting. It was all of that and more, and once again, we thought we had attained it all. We had reached the top of the ladder, but realized that after spending some time on the corporate ladder, the sense of adventure and the drive had seeped away. Attaining success in a limited facet of life (i.e. work) isn’t the same as succeeding in life (i.e. having balance) in all facets. What actually makes life exciting is continuing to explore, learn new things, being creative, and reaching new heights.

We weren’t at the top of the ladder at all, because there is no top! Life is just a continual extension of climbing the ladder. Tops of ladders are for those who stop dreaming; those that have lost interest in exploring, learning new things and reaching heights they never thought were possible.

This is one of the things that attracted us to winemaking. There is no top of the ladder. Even the best winemakers are constantly finding new inspiration and pushing to make better and better wines and that’s our goal.

We bring years of experience of focusing on quality, paying attention to detail, having a commitment to never compromise, the dedication to doing everything right every day, our shared passion for great wine, and following our dream. While we continue to climb the ladder to reach new heights in our careers and in our personal life, I invite you to join me in the celebrations along the climb.

So no matter where you are on your ladder in life and career, we hope that you’ll join us by enjoying the fruits of our labor, PerryMoore wines. We're so confident in the outcome that we’ve put our name on it.

Mickey Moore and Tom Henderson