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    We age our wines in French oak.

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    We source from only the very best of Napa Valley vineyards.

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    Our newest wines, Thomas William l & ll

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    PerryMoore goes great with dinner.

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Welcome to PerryMoore Wine

Life should never be about reaching a destination.  Life should always be about the Journey.  Follow your passions and Enjoy the Journey, so with that in mind, Tom and I followed our love of Napa Valley Cabernets to the next level.  We started producing Napa Valley Cabernets and PerryMoore Wines & Thomas William Wines were born.

About us

Thomas William – 2 new wines brought to you by PerryMoore

A variation on our PerryMoore wines, made with selective fruit and blended to be fruit-forward and food-friendly.

Our wines